Dew Tour: Breckenridge USA

Thanks to Dan Gale, Amy Purdy, Adaptive Action Sports and Toyota, The Dew Tour in Breackenridge CO has hosted a Banked Slalom competition for adaptive athletes for 3 years running now. This is my 2nd year competing at the event. I can remember watching the Dew Tour when I was first getting into snowboarding and being inspired by the amazing athletes competing, it really drove me to be like them. I even got my first ‘real snowboard’ the same board as Sebastion Toutant after he won the event in 2011. Dew Tour is a private event that is one of the biggest competitions in all extreme sports. Just to be invited to the Dew Tour is a massive deal to any snowboarder. It is great that the Dew Tour is endorsing Para snowboarding, helping our sport grow to the public eye.

I’m always so excited to go back to Breckenridge, in 2011 I really developed my snowboarding skills and found my true love in the sport when I was on a TSC camp in Breck. Going there now always reminds of those memories. The atmosphere is also very special surrounding the Dew Tour, as all the biggest names in the snowboard and skis industry are there and just as excited to compete. You could say I get a little star struck being in the same room as some of my biggest idols.

I loved the course from the first run I rode it and felt quite strong . It was tight and flowed well, not to long and a creative course with some cool features, that make it spectator friendly. There were a few spots on course where I needed to clean up, but all were small and simple errors, that could be easily fixed. With these types of events, there becomes more mental pressure as the athletes know there are lots of people watching on the hill and also on tv, with cameras set up on course. Some athletes can get to caught up in these things and it affects their performance in a negative way. Experience is always helpful overcoming this issue. As I competed at 2 Paralympics, X Games and Dew Tour

Not only were we competing at Dew Tour, we we’re competing on my 19th Birthday, the 13th of December!! I was stoked about this, having some birthday luck! The day was perfect conditions and I was feeling great, the whole crew sang me Happy Birthday up at the start which was epic, then it was time to compete. You could tell everyone was stoked to be there, but also eager to grab a Dew Tour medal. My first run was dominate, I was smooth throughout the run and didn’t make any major errors. I was sitting in 3rd after the run, a bit off from the top two but the rest of the pack were close to me so I knew I needed to get a better time to keep my spot on the podium. The 2nd run, I wanted to be more aggressive. I had a good top section, but half way down the course I lost pressure on edge in a bank losing speed in a crucial flat section and it was hard to gain speed after that. I finished with a time that was 3 tenths slower then my first run. I was disappointed because I knew without that mistake it would’ve been a far superior run. I anxiously waited at the bottom to see if any athletes beat my best time. At the end, USA athlete Zach Miller had a faster run and finished 3rd pushing me to 4th. He had an epic run and I was still pretty stoked with finishing 4th in a talented field of riders.

It is always so amazing to compete at Dew Tour. It reminds myself how far I’ve come in my career from that small boy watching his idols at the same event. After a successful trip, 4 competitions, across 3 continents and over a month travelling overseas, it was time to go home and have a short summers break and Christmas with the family.

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Ben Tudhope