Paralympic Snowboarder

Ben Tudhope is a Paralympic Snowboarder who at 14 became the world’s youngest ever Winter Paralympian competing at the 2014 and 2018 Winter Paralympic Games.

Ben was born with hemiplegic cerebral palsy, affecting coordination and muscle movement on the left side of his body.  

Whilst there were always physical setbacks, Ben always found a way to overcome them and is now competing in the hardest category in his sport - below the knee disability - and is one of the most naturally talented boarders on tour.


"If you want something bad enough, then you adapt. No matter how much it hurts physically and emotionally."

Ben Tudhope 



Currently ranked overall 1st in Banked Slalom, 2019

Currently ranked overall 2nd in Boardercross, 2019

World’s youngest ever Winter Paralympian

First Australian to be the youngest ever Paralympian at 2 consecutive Winter Paralympic Games

Closing ceremony Flag Bearer in the Sochi Winter Paralympics, 2014

Sport Australia Hall of Fame Scholarship Holder, 2018

3rd at X Games 2016 in Snowboarder X Adaptive